Pressroom Chemicals


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CellRestore is an industrial strength, non-hazardous anilox roll cleaner. It is formulated with high grade surfactants and solvents to quickly remove inks, dirt and grime from the anilox cell. CellRestore is a water-based product with no flash point solvents. It is simply the safer and more effective alternative to traditional anilox roll cleaners. Compliant with California Clean Air Rule 1171.

DeepClean Ultra

Soon available in our online store!

DeepCleen Ultra is a heavy duty flexo/gravure cleaner formulated for the removal of the most challenging of hard dried inks from all types of flexo plates and anilox rollers. It is suitable for aqueous solvent, and UV

" >UV based flexo inks and coatings, and will not attack photopolymer plates, therefore reducing hickies and improving print quality. Formulated from effective and safe detergents and cleaning agents, DeepClean Ultra is developed for deep cleaning as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

*Deep Clean Ultra cannot be shipped by air regardless of carrier, domestic or international.